Psalm33:3 (King David)                                         

                        Sing unto 'Him'a 'New Song'.

                            Play 'SKILLFULLY'..... with a 'LOUD NOISE'.  


The Disciples said to Jesus...
"Tell us... How will our 'End' come?"
Jesus said..."Have you found 'The Beginning' then...
that you are looking for 'The End'?
You see... 'The End' will be... where 'The Beginning' is.
Congratulations.... to the 'One'... Who stands at 'The Beginning'...
that 'One' ... will Know 'The End' and will not taste death.

Matthew 24:36 
But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the Angels of heaven,
but... my Father only.

"Point Of Know Return" by Kansas

I heard the men saying something
The captains tell they pay you well
And they say they need sailing men to
Show the way, and leave today.
Was it you that said, "How long, how long?"
They say the sea turns so dark that
You know it's time, you see the Sign.
They say the point demons guard is
an ocean grave, for all the brave.
Was it you that said, "How long, how long,
How long to the Point of Know Return?"
Your father, he said he needs you
Your mother, she says she loves you
Your brothers, they echo your words:
"How far... to the Point of Know Return?"
"Well, how long?"
Today I found a message floating
In the sea from you to me
It said that when you could see it
You cried with fear, the Point was near
Was it you that said, "How long, how long?
To the Point of Know Return?"


And 'AGAIN' when... 'He' bringeth in the 'Firstbegotten' into the World.
He saith, "And let all the Angels of God worship...'Him'.

Matthew 24:36

But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the Angels of Heaven,

but... my Father only.

Then He said... "To what shall we 'liken' the Kingdom of God?
Or with what 'Parable' shall we 'Picture' it?

He set singers before the altar...that by

their Voices they might make sweet melody.
And daily sing praises in their songs.

(Jesus said to his Apostles)

"Marvel not that I said unto thee... 'Ye' MUST be born AGAIN.(reincarnated)


Being Born AGAIN(reincarnated)... not of corruptible seed... but incorruptible.

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 Psalms 33:3

Sing unto 'Him' a new song;

Play Skillfully... with a Loud Noise.