Psalm33:3 (King David)                                         

                        Sing unto 'Him'a 'New Song'.

                            Play 'SKILLFULLY'..... with a 'LOUD NOISE'.  


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        Isaiah41:23  (800 BCE)​​

(Isaiah says to the Stone Statues)
Shew the things that are to come hereafter...that We may Know that... 'Ye' Are'Gods'!
Yea do Good... or do Evil... that We may be Dismayed and Behold it together.

Behold... Ye are nothing... and Your work is nought.

I have raised up 'One' from the North... and 'He' shall come.
From the rising of the sun shall 'He' call upon My Name.
And He shall come upon Princes as upon morter...

and as the Potter treadeth clay.

'Who'... has Declared... From the Beginning... that We may know?
And... before time... that We may say... 'He' is rightous.

Yea... there is None  
that Sheweth.

Yea... there is None  that Declareth.

The First shall say to Zion... behold, behold them.
And I will give to Jerusalem... 'One' that bringeth Good Tidings.

For I beheld... and there was no man, even among Them,
and there was no Counsellor that, when I asked of Them... could Answer a word.

Behold... they are all Vanity... their Works are nothing.
Their molten images are Wind and Confusion.

Romans 3:10
As it is written , There is None righteous, no, not one:
 There is None 
that... Understandeth .

There is None that... Seeketh after God.

The Disciples said to Jesus...
"Tell us... how will our 'End' come?"

Jesus said..."Have you found 'The Beginning' then...
that you are looking for 'The End'?

You see... 'The End' will be... where 'The Beginning' is.

Congratulations.... to the 'One'... who stands at 'The Beginning'...
that 'One' will know 'The End' and will not taste death.

And 'Where' is the promise of 'His' coming?
For since The 'Fathers' fell asleep...all things continue as they were.
'From the Beginning'... of the 'Creation'.


A brutish man Knoweth not, neither doth a fool Understand this.

Behold... I will send 'My Messenger'...
and 'He' shall prepare the Way for 'Me'.
And The Lord Ye seek... shall suddenly come to this Temple.
Even 'The Messenger of the Covenant'... Whom Ye delight in.
Behold... '
He' shall come... saith the Lord of Hosts.

"From the Beginning" by Emerson, Lake and Palmer

"There might have been things I missed... but don't be unkind.
It don't mean that I'm Blind.
I says a thing or two...I think of lying in bed.
I shouldn't have said... but there it is.
You see it's all clear... You were meant to be here.
From The Beginning...
Maybe I might have changed... not been so cruel.
And I've been such a fool.
Whatever was done.
I just can't recall... it doesn't matter at all.
You see it's all clear... You were meant to be here...
....From The Beginning."


He set singers before the altar...that by

their Voices they might make sweet melody.
And daily sing praises in their songs.

         Godlike Ones of the Lofty Elim of Knowledge 

Rock n Roll Him Book

(Jesus said to his Apostles)

"Marvel not that I said unto thee... 'Ye' must be born AGAIN.(reincarnated)


Being Born AGAIN(reincarnated)... not of corruptible seed... but incorruptible.

Then He said... "To what shall we 'liken' the Kingdom of God?
Or with what 'Parable' shall we 'Picture' it?

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And 'AGAIN' when... 'He' bringeth in the 'Firstbegotten' into the World.
He saith, "And let all the Angels of God worship...'Him'.

Matthew 24:36

But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the Angels of Heaven,

but... my Father only.